Org Development is a human-centered approach to organizational culture, leadership development and talent development with a focus on improving how people work together and how companies respond to change. Org Development work is typically performed in collaboration with Human Resources leaders and organizational managers. 

We offer five customized services to help Human Resources leaders and organizational managers improve collaboration, build a pipeline for leaders, develop a diverse, inclusive and multi-generational workforce and motivate your employees (on-site or remote) in order to retain top talent: 

  • Development Keynotes 

  • Development Facilitation 

  • Development Consultation 

  • Development Team Coaching

  • Development Online Training 

After an introductory call and whiteboard session, if we decide partnering together is beneficial for your organization, we will embark on an in-depth organizational assessment. Based on the results of this assessment, we will decide the best path forward. 

Development Keynotes 

JC offers pre-constructed and/or customized keynotes for your next conference or event. JC's keynotes surround the topics of strategy, culture, high-performance teams and leadership. These talks fall under JC's proprietary curriculum, The Cannonball Company. The term "cannonball" refers to the idea of jumping full-on into the deep end of the pool. We believe when the strategy + culture + stakeholders are aligned, your company will become a "cannonball company" where every member of the organization is ready to jump "full-on" into the deep end and help the the company become highly profitable, highly effective and highly impactful. We also offer a customized keynotes that fit the specific needs of your organization. Contact us today to find out how we can serve you and the needs of your organization. 

Development Facilitation 

Sometimes a one-and-done keynote experience is not enough. Whereas a keynote takes a broad approach, the facilitation helps to get more focused with fewer people. JC offers 5 facilitation trainings 

Development Consultation 

JC Consulting Design is a full business/organizational makeover in collaboration with the senior leadership and Human Resources team. Design consultation is a days or weeks-long process of examining your organization, the context in which you conduct business, marketplace forces and industry trends. Based on the research, trends and team collaboration, new and fresh design is created for the organization. We provide implementation services and remain committed to help through the entire process, from assessment until the redesign is complete. 

Development Team Coaching  

Studies have shown that collaborative teams are 5X more effective and higher performing than teams who lack intentional collaboration. Unfortunately, in a recent Salesforce survey, an astounding 86 percent of senior leaders, managers, employees and educators stated the primary reason for workplace failure was lack of collaboration. We can help. 

After an initial assessment, we provide customized training to help managers and team members communicate more effectively, highlight the strengths of each team member and promote a community working environment.  We offer ideals and philosophies (ex. Radical Truth, Radical Transparency) to help empower open and honest communication between team members. Our hope is that communication moves from the water cooler back to the meeting table. 

Sometimes a single training (1/2 day - 5 day offerings available) is all that is needed. Other times, team coaching is needed. We offer long-term team coaching to help teams learn how to work and move in concert in order create greater success and ROI for the organization.  n

Development Online Training  

Beginning in late 2021, JC Consulting will begin providing online training classes surrounding the ideals of purpose, mission and strategy and how to lead your team in discovering or re-discovering organizational focus, purpose and mission.