At core of organizational success - or lack of success - lies culture, the values and behaviors that drive effectiveness and impact. What drives the culture? The design and ongoing development of the organization. While the design and development of your organization are not the same, they coexist.


Design of the organization refers to the systems and structures arranged around purpose and strategy. Purpose precedes strategy. Every aspect of your business must be centered around the organizational purpose. Organizational design is a new and fresh way of thinking. Our org design programs are generally designed for executive and senior Human Resources leaders. 

Development of the organization is the ongoing, human centered approach to improving how people work together, the advancement of human capital and corporate resiliency. Our org development programs are generally designed for Human Resources leaders and organizational managers. 

When organizations lack a clear purpose, there is an absence of focus and strategy. Without focus and strategy, culture suffers. 

Struggles in recruitment. Missed profit margins. Inter-organizational competition. High turnover. Lack of employee engagement. Unnecessary conflict and tension. Inconsistency in succession. Failed mergers or acquisitions. 

JC Consulting offers customized design and development consultation, facilitation, training and coaching. After an introductory call and white board session, should we decide to collaborate in re-focusing your organization and re-building your culture, we will begin with an in-depth assessment and conversation. 

If you desire improved performance throughout your organization, we can help.