Org Design surrounds the issues of organizational purpose and strategy. Most often, Org Design work is performed in collaboration with organizational and executive leaders, senior Human Resources leaders and board members. 


We offer five customized services to help design or re-design your organization for maximum efficiency: 

  • Design Keynotes (Purpose + Strategy)

  • Design Facilitation (Purpose + Strategy) 

  • Design Consultation (Purpose + Strategy)

  • Design Team Coaching (Purpose + Strategy) 

  • Design Training (Purpose + Strategy) 

After an introductory call and whiteboard session, if we decide a collaboration is beneficial for your organization, we will embark on an in-depth organizational assessment. Based on the results of this assessment, we will decide the best path forward. 

Design Keynotes 

JC offers keynote talks and experiences surrounding the topics of organizational purpose and strategy, helping your company gain clarity and get laser-focused around their vision and mission. JC provides 5 strategy talks and is able to work with your organization or team to provide a customized experience for your event. 


Design Facilitation 

JC provides facilitation sessions (on-site or off-site / 1/2 day - 5 day) for senior, executive and human resource leaders to examine the gaps in organizational purpose or strategy. From these collaborative sessions, new purpose, mission and strategy statements are created and agreed upon in order to increase the impact and effectiveness of the organization.

Design Consultation

JC Consulting Strategy Design is a full business/organizational makeover in collaboration with the executive leadership and Human Resources teams. Design consultation is a weeks or months-long process of examining your organization, the context in which you conduct business, marketplace forces and industry trends. Based on the research, trends and team collaboration, new and fresh design is created for the organization. We provide implementation services and remain committed to help through the entire process, from assessment until the redesign is complete. 

Design Team Coaching 

JC provides team coaching for organizational executives and senior Human Resources leaders when there are challenges in deciding the purpose and mission of the organization. Often, there exists competing interests within an organization between senior leaders. JC can help senior executives teams work through their differences and challenges in order to come to agreement on the organizational purpose and mission. 

Design Training 

Beginning in late 2021, JC Consulting will begin providing online training classes surrounding the ideals of purpose, mission and strategy and how to lead your team in discovering or re-discovering organizational focus, purpose and mission.